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ASATEEL Certification: A better way to track, monitor and manage your vehicles and drivers in Abu Dhabi.

ASATEEL Certification & It’s Importance

Asateel platform, the fleet management system, has been developed by Integrated Transport Center (ITC) to enhance the accountability, productivity and safety of all commercial transport activities in Abu Dhabi Emirate; such as freight, passenger bus and school bus transport. This involves the registration of all such services on the ASATEEL platform in order to get Asateel Certificate and permits.

The ASATEEL platform is a comprehensive tool to manage and monitor all commercial fleets and operators in Abu Dhabi. By tracking driver behavior and adherence to transport rules and regulations using the approved GPS Tracking Device, the platform aims to promote increased safety for passengers and clarify the responsibilities and duties of all entities involved in this sector.

The ASATEEL certification is mandatory for any transport company operating within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Enroll in the ASATEEL Platform

Enrolling on the ASATEEL platform is quite simple. Transport operators can apply online through the ASATEEL portal https://asateel.itc.gov.ae

Here is the process:

Create an account and select based on your company registration (Abu Dhabi or Outside Abu Dhabi) and fill all the required information.

Log in to your account and select the appropriate business category (e.g., passenger transport or freight transport).

Upload the required documents then submit your application and wait for the approval from ITC.

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email with your registration details and operators can access various services, including permit, GPS vehicle tracking and more.

Installation of ASATEEL Certified OBU (On-board Units)

Installation of GPS tracking devices in vehicles and linking them to the electronic system is mandatory, provided that the devices used are ASATEEL certified OBU.

There are ASATEEL certified OBU installation companies who will install, operate and maintain electronic system (GPS tracking devices) and issue a Certificate of Installation to be submitted in Asateel platform in order to get a permit.

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