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Locator is an application with next-generation features to ensure your cars/vehicles are accurately tracked without any compromise. Car Tracker App comes with highly sophisticated and advanced features which makes vehicle tracking a complete walk in the park. It is definitely ahead of other Tracking Devices for Car that you have used in the past.

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Why choose LOCATOR ?

Advanced Features

We have the Best GPS Tracker for Vehicle. This is due to its advanced and sophisticated features to ensure your cars are 100% safe.

Competitive Pricing

As part of our mission to ensure that every vehicle is tracked in UAE, we have ensured that our GPS Tracker for car price is highly competitive.

Seamless Software Integration

Locator can be integrated with any third party software/application of your choice. There is no restriction regarding how you can make use of this GPS Tracking System for Vehicles.


The Best GPS Tracker for Your Vehicles

Live Tracking

Track the exact locations of all your cars

Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifications about vehicles which have been idle for a long time

Dynamic Dashboard

Get access to a complete overview of your vehicles with its dynamic dashboard

After Hours Alerts

Instant notifications about vehicles after office hours

Route Tracking

Track the routes of your cars including their daily activities

Service Reminders

Receive service reminders like changing oil, tires and many others

Discover Our Client Feedback

All businesses had their own reasons to work with LOCATOR. Your business deserve a better Vehicle Monitoring System.


Having a large fleet, I can easily monitor the documents expiry & service maintenance of our vehicles with the help of LOCATOR.

Safari Mall
- Shameem [Transport]

We are able to monitor & control vehicle usage with LOCATOR now, no worries about unnecessary fuel consumption.

- Susan [Manager]

Assigning job to multiple drivers is hard, with LOCATOR,we can now schedule jobs to drivers with ease.

- Shanid [IT Manager]

A user-friendly tool for managing your fleet, with its commendable tech support team, we highly recommend LOCATOR.

Blue Rhine
- Ahmed [Admin]

Most companies struggle to effectively utilize their Vehicles & Field staff. We have created a Software tool that helps them manage & control their vehicles, so their company start growing again and increase revenue


Ideal solution to track & monitor the Sales/Service vehicles that carry Employees, Products on the road.

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Customer service &Fleet efficiency result in the financial success of your Service delivery & Trucking business.

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Monitor important events ofGenerator and Other Asset’s location, Fuel level, Running hours, Temperature &more.

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Tracking Devices & Accessories

Let us give you access to some of the best tracking devices and their corresponding accessories. There is no need to worry as our GPS Tracker for car price in UAE includes the accessories. LOCATOR Provide a set of GPS Tracker Devices from leading suppliers such as Teltonika, Ruptela, BCE, Concox. Some of the popular models are FMM130, FMB120, FMB202, LCV5, HCV5, FM-ECO4 and so many models.

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