How GPS System help

One Platform, One Million reasons to use it.

Reduced operation Cost

Vehicle tracking systems will vastly reduce your phone bills as it is no longer a necessity to constantly call employees to find their location.

Improved customer relations

Customers can be given proof that the company's service was delivered as promised.

Compliance with Programmed Routes

Ensure drivers do not deviate from authorized route; view entire movement history.

Increase productivity

Productivity of workers can be increased by being able to keep track of lunch/break hours, exposing unauthorised stops and breaks and by evaluating the overtime requests of workers . – GPS vehicle tracking allows companies to add more jobs to each work day. Companies see a 25% increase in work orders completed after implementing GPS tracking systems.

Rewarding honest Dedicated workers

Business owners can find those who work honestly every day, detest that those who are slack receive the same wages. This is a major source of discouragement. Through the evidence offered by the Vehicle Tracking System they can implement further training or even a system of bonuses to enhance staff members' work ethic.

Reduction and Control of Overtime cost

A significant reduction in overtime is one of the most important benefits which accrue from utilization of the GPS vehicle tracking system. Many organizations have witnessed a substantial decline in overtime claims subsequent to the installation of this system which in turn translates into enhanced productivity.


Reduced your fleet maintenance costs because total fleet mileage is reduced and driving behavior is improved.

Vicinity of the fleets

By having detailed information on the whereabouts of all employees, business owners are far more in touch with their business operations. Meaning they have greater levels of control over their company.

Vehicle Recovery

The GPS tracking device installs covertly in each vehicle and online tracking allows you to alert police of the vehicle's location in the event of theft.

Controlling the use of personal purposes

There are several organizations which permit vehicle usage for personal reasons beyond working hours as long as the use is not excessive. This policy is often misused since employees indulge in excessive usage and moonlighting which in turn leads to an increase in leasing, fuel and maintenance costs. GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems allow companies to curb such misuse and the savings thus accrued will be more than the actual cost of the system.

Fuel saving

Reducing the average speed of your vehicles. As an example, if you get your vehicles to slow down and stay within the speed limits, this relates directly into fuel consumption, maintenance and accidents that could save up to 20% on your monthly fuel bill.

At the end of the day, vehicle tracking technology is essentially just another management tool to help you better run your business.