Frequently Asked Questions

It will usually take around 20 to 30 minutes per vehicle. Our technician will come to your Location to install the GPS Device in the vehicle.
Yes, our software supports most of the branded devices in the market. Before starting the implementation, we first check the compatibility of the device with our software, if it is compatible, we proceed to migration. So you can save money and will get a better software.
We usually have the devices in stock, implementation can start the following day as per the scheduled time.
We usually take the wiring connection from the fuse tap and mounted using the cable tie. Hence, there will not be any damages on your vehicle, and it will not affect the warranty of the vehicle as well.
Software update happens from time to time, and new features usually come. It will be free of charge for the customers.
Our customers have a single point of contact from Customer Care department. They focus on receiving queries and giving technical assistance to our clients to ensure the System is working smoothly.