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Being an owner or a fleet manager of a transportation company, you must be aware that customer service and fleet efficiency result in the financial success of your service delivery and trucking business. Your customers need only the best service and products from you and want to be assured of good satisfaction. Locator helps you to enhance your fleet operations and improve customer service while maintaining your bottom line. Along with this Locator allows you to recover the time and money you are losing due to operational inefficiencies, and add it to your profits!

In the Service Delivery of Truck & Bus Segment, Locator Vehicle Tracking System will provide your company the following benefits.

  • Your team will be tracked in real time, 24/7.
    • Helps to schedule the service team according to the location.
  • Reduce fuel and other operational costs by monitoring:
    • Fleet Maintenance
    • Mileage report
    • Speeding
    • Idling
    • Unauthorized vehicle use
  • You can provide best services to your customer that is available in your industry. It is done by providing
    • Accurate pick-up and delivery times
    • Real-Time Fleet GPS tracking
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency by eliminating
    • Wait/down time
    • Dispatch inaccuracies
  • Reduce Cell Phone Bills by avoiding unwanted calls to drivers about the location
  • Sending the text message to vehicles from office.
  • Helps to view the real-time status via camera connected to the System.
  • Get the temperature of the goods carried by the trucks if required.
  • Availing operating times of different Drivers who are sharing the same fleet using the integrated iButton/ RFID system

Tracking Reports

Locator finds it is important to keep the records for enhancing your fleet productivity and streamline your operations. Hence Locator helps you to download your customizable fleet vehicles activity reports which can be exported to Excel Work Sheet.

  • Speeding Reports
  • Mileage and Distance Reports
  • Parking Reports
  • Detailed Statements of trips made showing parking time, distance travelled for hour, day, week and month etc
  • Engine Status, AC status etc

Track on the GO

It becomes unnecessary to sit in the office for tracking the fleets. Locator's dedicated software monitor helps you to track the vehicles from all leading Smart Phones, Tablets etc.

Tracking Alerts

You receive instant notifications through Locator if your truck is:

  • Speeding excessively
  • Close to its destination
  • Close to a certain landmark – as your client, warehouse, etc.

Remote immobilizer

Locator allows you to track and immobilize your vehicles right from your computer.

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