ASATEEL: Delivery Motorbikes with Abu Dhabi Number Plate. What you need to know?

Asateel Certified OBU for motorbikes in AbuDhabi

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) has introduced a new mandate that requires all delivery motorbikes with Abu Dhabi number plate to register in ASATEEL platform.

Under this mandate, all delivery motorbikes must equip with an ASATEEL certified OBU (GPS Tracker). By doing so, delivery services companies can improve their delivery services while ensuring compliance with government regulations.

GPS Tracker for bikes in Abudhabi
Purpose of Installing ASATEEL Certified OBU on Delivery Motorbikes in Abu Dhabi

The implementation of ASATEEL certified OBU (GPS trackers) serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it enhances the overall efficiency and safety of delivery operations. With real-time tracking, delivery services companies can monitor their fleet and ensure timely deliveries while reducing the risk of theft or loss.

Secondly, by tracking driver behavior through these ASATEEL certified OBU (GPS trackers), authorities can identify any instances of reckless driving or violations. This not only helps maintain road safety but also promotes responsible driving practices among delivery bike riders.

Lastly, the ASATEEL certification process ensures that only approved OBU (GPS trackers) are used. This helps maintain a standard level of quality and reliability across all delivery motorbikes in Abu Dhabi.

It is crucial to note that using an ASATEEL certified OBU is not just recommended but mandatory. Delivery Services Companies must comply with this requirement to obtain necessary permits for their delivery operations.

TELTONIKA FMC230 (One of the ASATEEL certified OBU):

One of the important things to consider while operating a delivery motorbikes in Abu Dhabi is selecting a suitable GPS device for your delivery bikes. There are certain ASATEEL certified OBU (GPS devices) allowed to install in order to register your delivery bikes and get an ITC vehicle permit in ASATEEL. One of this device is FMC230.

FMC230 provides robust real-time tracking capabilities, efficient performance, and superior connectivity options. In addition to its technical prowess, its compliance with ASATEEL standards makes it a trustworthy choice.

The benefits of choosing Teltonika's FMC230 are manifold:

  • Robust Security
  • Efficient Fleet Management
  • Regulatory Compliant
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
LOCATOR: One of the ASATEEL Certified OBU Installation Companies.

As an ASATEEL certified OBU installation company, LOCATOR always aim to ensure that GPS devices being installed and monitored are align with the policies of ITC.

LOCATOR will assist you to register your company in ASATEEL platform and will help in listing all your delivery motorbikes in the platform. Once company successfully registered and delivery motorbikes are listed, our team will install the ASATEEL certified OBU in each of your delivery motorbikes with Data Sim card. Then, “Certificate of Installation” will be issued once installation is done and you may start applying for the permits.

GPS Tracker for deliverybikes in Abudhabi

In conclusion, the integration of ASATEEL certified OBU in delivery motorbikes in Abu Dhabi is an essential step towards ensuring compliance with government regulations and improving road safety standards. By embracing this technology as a mandatory requirement for permits and certifications, businesses and authorities can work together towards creating a safer and more efficient transportation system within the city.

If you are looking to install an ASATEEL certified OBU on your delivery motorbikes in Abu Dhabi, connect us Today!
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