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Proper Fuel Management

LOCATOR is unique when compared to other Vehicle Tracking System Companies in UAE. One of such aspects has been its ability to monitor the rate of fuel consumption in your vehicle and provide real time reports. With this, your drivers will definitely become more productive. Below are what you will get from this feature:

Providing real time notifications. It can also detect if your fuel is draining

Providing alerts on fuel wastage

Providing notifications on rate of fuel consumption

Most companies struggle to effectively utilize their Vehicles & Field staff. We have created a Software tool that helps them manage & control their vehicles, so their company start growing again and increase revenue


Ideal solution to track & monitor the Sales/Service vehicles that carry Employees, Products on the road.

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Customer service &Fleet efficiency result in the financial success of your Service delivery & Trucking business.

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Monitor important events ofGenerator and Other Asset’s location, Fuel level, Running hours, Temperature &more.

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